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Poly Foam Pigs

PolyEurope is the largest and most established founder (since 1974) of Poly Foam Pig manufacture in Europe.
At  present, we are able to manufacture over 50 different styles of Poly Foam Pigs with sizes ranging from 1” to 100”, in 3 densities of foam:
  • Low density: 1½-2 lbs/cu.ft
  • Medium density: 5-7 lbs/cu.ft
  • High density: 8-10 lbs/cu.ft
PolyEurope’s  Poly Foam Pigs are versatile, flexible and often suited to pipeline systems where pigging has not taken place before or has lapsed. Bore restrictions, significant changes in pipe ID or tight radius bends often makes the  Poly Foam Pig the ideal choice for the operator.

Made of lightweight open-cell polyurethane foam, the range of Poly Foam Pigs can be coated with high strength polyurethane for more durability. The Pigs can carry anything from silicon carbide grit, nylon bristle, carbon or stainless steel wire brushes in several grades, to metal studs for heavy-duty pipeline cleaning. All PolyEurope’s Poly Foam Pigs can be adapted to include gauge plates, transmitter / data logger housing, magnets, tow / pulling  ropes, jetting nose or manufactured to be extra-long or bi-directional with double dish or double nose ended.