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Pipeline Spheres

PolyEurope has developed an extensive range of heavy duty, high quality pipeline Spheres in solid or inflatable designs for ease of handling and effective use. Spheres are an effective way to separate or batch products. They also prove effective in  meter proving and pipeline evacuation activities. The pipeline Spheres are inflated with a combination of water and glycol mix. PolyEurope’s spheres are also available in FDA Food Grade Material.
The range of Spheres is predominantly used for sealing applications because theoretically the shape does not leave the inside of the pipeline at any point. PolyEurope’s  Spheres are extremely adaptable as they are able to roll freely as well negotiating short radius bends successfully. Manufactured from high performance, resilient and flexible polyurethane means that the Spheres have better abrasion and tear resistance as well as outstanding resistance to swelling in hydrocarbons. Consequently, these pipeline Spheres are often used for the removal of condensates in both onshore and offshore pipelines.

Benefits of PolyEurope’s Spheres

  • Spheres will pass through short bends, sphere tees and fully-opening conduit valves.
  • Adjust to pipeline ovality.
  • Wear evenly.
  • Exceptional physical and chemical properties.
  • Seamless single cast construction.
  • Available in different grades of hardness and FDA Food Grade approved Polyurethane.