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Pipeline Pig Transmission System – PTI – Series

Pipeline Pigs (steel body & foam) can be located and tracked using PolyEurope’s Pig Transmitter.

PolyEurope’s compact design Pig Transmitters with higher signal range, longer operating time and improved handling and safety feature provide distinct advantages based on innovative technology. Using standard batteries, all transmitters have an operating time of more than 500 hours and a signal range of up to 23 metres. As a result of a stainless steel casing, the transmitters can be used in virtually all mediums. Not only can the new transmitters be mounted with one of PolyEurope time -tested bolt-on flanges, but they can also easily be turned On/Off from the outside. Owing to their compact design, they can be fitted to steel body or poly foam pigs of any size from 3" to 56". 

All PolyEurope’s transmitters are designed for use with PolyEurope’s extensive range of high performance Pipeline Pigs, or any other brand in combination with PolyEurope’s Pig Tracking and Location receivers.

Benefits of PolyEurope’s Transmitters & Receivers
  • Free choice of transmitter mode: continuous, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6 (1:3 preset)
  • Frequency shift key mode to distinguish between four individual transmitters
  • Operating time in 1:3 mode 500 h (lithium battery 1000 h)
  • Easy replacement of batteries
  • On/off switch without dynamic seal (except PTI-10625 and PTI-19152)
  • Maximum pressure 200 bar (2900 psi) (300 bar (4351 psi) for High Pressure version)
  • Maximum operating temperature 85 °C (with high –temperature batteries)
  • Integral flange or threaded holes for secure mounting
  • Applicable in all media due to stainless steel housing
  • Available in models: PTI-10625, PTI-19152, PTI-25351, PTI-29880 and PTI-42080.

Pipeline Pig Location System – Electronic Pig Detector PRI-II

System Description

PolyEurope’s Pig Location System PRI-II is a complete system for tracking and locating pipeline tools, based on pulsed ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic field transmitters, which can be received outside steel pipelines. The system is independent of the pipeline contents and works equally well in all liquids, such as crude oil, water, and refined products, and gases, such as methane, air, nitrogen, etc.

The Pig Location System PRI-II consists of two elements: a receiver with a hand held antenna (PRI-II) and a transmitter. Both are equipped with batteries; therefore neither charging nor external power supply is required. The receiver provides the possibility to store detailed information about the pig passage in the memory. These data blocks can be displayed or transferred to a PC/Laptop via a built-in RS232 interface.

PolyEurope’s  Electronic Pig Detector PRI-II detects the signal transmitted by any pig location transmitter and has the following key features:
  • External antenna with carrying handle
  • Digital filtering of signals to exclude disturbance from other sources
  • Audible signal
  • Digital display with pig passage time memory for unattended operation
  • Analogue visual display of signal pulse strength, for accurate location (location accuracy
  • +/- 15 % of pipeline depth) and pipeline depth measurements
  • Storage of up to 10 passage times, with download option
  • Pushbutton operated menu for setting time, receiver mode, automatic or manual gain, battery check and reading out data
The PRI- II complete with antenna is supplied in an aluminium transport case.