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Pipeline Pig Signallers

PolyEurope manufacture a full range of Pipeline Pig Signallers which are used for indication that the Pipeline Pig has left the Pig Launcher, arrived into the Pig Receiver or passed a marked point in the pipeline. The intrusive design of the Signaller is used to monitor pig passage in the pipeline with an omni-directional trigger, which eliminates error resulting from incorrect fitting of the tool. 

Pig Signallers are available in a variety of configurations with visual and remote indication and categorized into three ranges of identification;

  • Mechanical Flag model MW
  • Electrical Switch model EW
  • Combined Flag & Switch model CW
PolyEurope Pig Signaller range can be installed using four different methods dependent on requirements;

  • Direct welded model MW
  • Flange connection model MF
  • Direct mounted complete with ball valve model MVW
  • Flange connection complete with ball valve model MVF

Additional fittings are available to enable the Pipeline Pig Signaller to replace any obsolete or unserviceable Pipeline Pig Signaller previously installed on an existing pipeline or Pipeline Pig Launcher / Receiver.