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Hire Service

Bi-Directional Hire Pigs / Bi-Di Pigs (Steel Body)

PolyEurope’s Bi-Directional Hire Pigs are designed to be used for hydrostatic testing, displacement of water or air,
removal of debris  liquid evacuation and/or product separation.

The range of Bi-Directional Hire Pigs offers more than excellent sealing qualities in all circumstances and is available from 6” through 36” with a multi bolt design. The Bi-Directional hire pigs are additionally equipped with a cavity for the assembly of a Pipeline Pig Transmitter.

The general purpose design is supplied with two guiding (support) discs which assist loading and centralization during pigging of the pipeline and four sealing discs which are used for high performance sealing as well as drive discs. All PolyEurope’s Bi-Directional steel bodied pigs are supplied with a polyurethane bumper nose at each end as standard. The multi bolt pig body assemblies are welded to code standard BS EN ISO 15614-1 2004 and coated with an anti-corrosion surface protection coating.

Pipeline Plugs

PolyEurope has a dedicated team who specialize in the hire of hydrostatic testing and pipeline isolation plugs. Our extensive range of High Pressure Plugs offer safe, simple, quick and cost effective solutions for the operators. All PolyEurope’s High Pressure Plugs are tested in-house and are certified and ready for fast mobilization.
  • Flange Weld  Testers
  • Internal Joint Testers
  • High Pressure Test Plugs
  • Dual Pipeline Plugs