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High Pressure Test Plugs

Pipeline pressure testing can be undertaken using PolyEurope’s High Pressure Test Plugs. This tool enables the operator to perform a pressure test on an open pipe or vessel, whilst eliminating the need to weld on pipe caps or flanges, to carry out hydrostatic test applications.

The High Pressure test Plugs are used when a weld or joint needs hydrotesting but no end flanges are available. The High Pressure test Plug  is inserted into the end of open pipes and actuated mechanically or hydraulically, allowing the plug gripper pads to mechanically lock onto the internal bore of the pipe while simultaneously compressing the polyurethane seal. The pipe can now be filled with water through a centre bypass port on the plug, (used in pairs the bypass port on the second plug would act to vent the air from the pipe). The pipeline pressure test can now be performed in the traditional manner.

Operational benefits are considerable:

  • Cost saving – no welding on and cutting off sacrificial pipe caps or flanges.
  • No requirement for specialized tools to operate.
  • Reduction in down time due to ease of installation/removal.
  • Available sizes ½” to 12” – larger sizes available on request.
  • Testing pressures up to 230 bar – higher pressures available on request.
  • Tools are available for sale or hire.

Key features:

  • Designed to be self energizing.
  • Centre bypass port allows operator to fill or vent pipe.
  • All tools are certified prior to dispatch.  

Special design

Elbow Test Plugs – Plugs to seal inside 90° Elbows – contact our sales team for further information