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Dual Pipeline Plug

Designed for pipeline testing and isolation solutions,  PolyEurope’s Dual Tool is used primarily in pipelines carrying hydrocarbon resources. Achieving positive isolation before carrying out hot work on pipelines carrying hydrocarbon resources has proved difficult in the past; the use of air bags and compression plugs being common practice. At best, they are unreliable and cannot guarantee a safe working environment for this application; subsequently PolyEurope is pleased to announce the launch of its Dual Pipeline Plug.

Once installed, the Dual Pipeline Plug offers double isolation via its 2 independent inflatable tyres. A pressure test cavity between the tyres which allows the operator to prove positive isolation is achieved and the centre bypass facility allows any activity downstream to be monitored.

PolyEurope’s Dual Pipeline Plug also has a second function; when the welding area has cooled the plug can be repositioned with the pressure test cavity covering the new weld. Once reactivated, the plug can be used to hydrostatically test the new weld to a maximum pressure of 30 bar.

Operational benefits are considerable:

  • Straight forward and simple to install
  • Operational in minutes.
  • Positive isolation is always achievable.
  • No requirement for specialized tools to operate.
  • Available sizes ½” to 36” – larger sizes available on request.
  • Installed correctly the Dual Pipeline Plug will withstand a minimum of 3 bar back pressure.
  • Tools are available for sale or hire.