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Dual Module Pigs

PolyEurope has designed a range of customized Dual Module Pigs which combine most pigging and pipeline maintenance operations, including cleaning, batching and gauging in a single pipeline pig run. Subsequently, costs are reduced and production downtime is minimized. Dual Module Pigs provide the operator more efficiency and a higher level of cleanliness.

PolyEurope’s Dual Module Pigs are suitable to be assembled with cups / discs and / or in combination. They can be further enhanced in terms of cleaning ability by the addition of brushes (several grades of brushes available) , plough blades made of polyurethane, pin wheel discs and studded pin discs. Additional options include the attachment of magnets (for debris collection), gauge plates (solid or segmented design) and transmitter / data logger housings or spider noses for flow bypass or jetting.
The range of Dual Module Pigs is available from 6” to 56” as a multi bolt design and are suitable for passing short radius bends as well T-pieces.

PolyEurope supplies all Dual Module Pigs with a polyurethane bumper nose at each end as standard.  Dual Module Pig body assemblies are welded to code standard BS EN ISO 15614-1 2004 with optionally welds being subjected to NDT testing (MPI) afterwards, and coated with an anti-corrosion surface protection coating.