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Decoking Pigs

PolyEurope’s Decoking Pigs or Studded Pigs for decoking refinery heaters and pipes are available from 1.000” through 12.500”. The PolyEurope range is manufactured from the highest quality polyurethanes and studded pins made of tungsten steel using soft core process technology. On request solid decoking pigs are also available.

PolyEurope’s Decoking Pigs are available in 3 different grades of hardness and percentage of stud coverage.
  • Soft 80 shore: A grey series
  • Medium 85 shore: A green series
  • Hard  90 shore: A red series
The proven design of the PolyEurope Decoking Pig removes the hardest coke and encrustations from furnace tubes, plug,  box headers and fired heaters. With the ability to negotiate short radius bends and U-bends due their resilience and flexibility, this range of Decoking Pig can be driven by relatively low pressure around 150psi. The tungsten steel studs scrape or break the coke layers loose while the water flows around the pig to create a low / high pressure turbulence. This action flushes loosened deposits from the cleaning studs ahead of the pig.