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Bi-Directional Pigs / Bi-Di Pigs ( Steel Body )

PolyEurope’s Bi-Directional pigs are designed to be used for hydrostatic testing, displacement of water or air, removal of debris , liquid evacuation and/or product separation.

PolyEurope’s range of Bi-Directional pigs offers more than excellent sealing qualities in all circumstances and is available from  4” through to 14” with a single steel body bolt design and from 6” through 56” with a multi bolt design.

The general purpose design is supplied with two guiding (support) discs which assist loading and centralization during pigging of the pipeline. Additional there are four sealing discs which are used for high performance sealing as well as drive discs. This design proves most successful in the removal of light deposits from pipe walls, which can be further enhanced in terms of cleaning ability by the addition of brushes (several grades of brushes available) , plough blades made of polyurethane, pin wheel discs and studded pin discs. Additional options include the attachment of magnets (for debris collection), gauge plates ( solid or segmented design) and transmitter / data logger housings or spider noses for flow bypass or jetting.

All PolyEurope’s Bi-Directional steel bodied pigs are supplied with a polyurethane bumper nose at each end as standard.
All PolyEurope’s multi bolt pig body assemblies are welded to code standard BS EN ISO 15614-1 2004 with optionally welds being subjected to NDT testing (MPI) afterwards and coated with an anti-corrosion surface protection coating.